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I am the great Leon!

The only I didn't hear that I wanted to but I digress. I haven't laughed so hard in a while, that was brilliant especially considering you had to write a script from pre-existing lines. Thank you! (Please do this with Sonic Adventure if you feel the need to do a follow up)

PuffballsUnited responds:

I was trying to work that quote in when I was doing the script, but I couldn't.

That is fantastic

Even better than Irod Bad - You have do ones for Hancock, The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight and even the new Mummy when they come out. Then sir you will be a true legend .

Good but remakes need more.

I loved the animation style in this but the fact that its a 4 year old story shows in the lack of maturity. That said I'd love to see you do an original action piece in a similar style in terms of the fights and effects. (and I'd love to write one for you) Well done on a technically brilliant flash.

You should really cast some other people.

OK, this a general review of all your FG flashes. The animation is great, the script's are OK but timing and voices need work. For timing, the space in between lines is too long and isn't necessarily funny. Also I think you should release an episode in no more than 2 parts. Your Peter is very good but to be frank the others aren't. Brian is totally wrong, he sounds too young. As for Stewie, that's about a 6/10 cos the voice is nearly there but the performance doesn't bring out the character. His eccentricities in no way come across. In an earlier flash, Quagmire and Brain sound almost the same. I respect you for doing all this, but you should really cast some VAs in roles other than Peter. (PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.)

minimullen7 responds:

I redid the timing. I do it in small parts because my flash lags if its any longer. I stated at the top my brian voice isnt the best...i think it at least suits him tho. My quagmire and brian voice sound nothing alike.

Made in Bad Taste

I agree with the last guy, it's too soon. It's basically insulting Steve Irwin, he died doing what he loved and this just dishonoured. I liked the music but that's because I watched the TV show it's from as a kid. In future if you're gonna make a flash on impulse (e.g. hearing this music after someone is killed by a stringray) do it tastefully or just don't bother.

I really enjoyed that.

It reminded me a little of Peep Show without the sililoquies (probably splet that wrong) and of the show Rob Brydon did while sat in a car. Very nice, I found that funny, subtle but good none the less. (If you ever need an alternative voice over for a sequel in the same vain PM me.)

Earthworm Jim Returns

That was pretty good, animation was good. One flaw though, you guys are little too young to convincing pull off those character's voices. It kinda spoilt the movie a little. It's still good though so well done.

shane-connor responds:

Well yea ur right about the voices. I probally need voice actors or something. but its kinda for the humor. Thanks for the good review.


I said with the last one and I'm saying it again, TEXT to SPEECH bad. Voice acting much better. Hell, pm me and I'll do the voices for you. (I'm a voice actor btw). Apart from that I love the concept but the humour is lost in the current voices.

It's cool but ...

Text to speech engines are NO substitute for voice acting. It took something away i.e. any kind of emotion, from the flash which is a shame because I really like the concept. I recommend you try at least one episode with a VA. (You may get a shock.)

luzifer-cr responds:

Thanks for your review!

Of course, I expected that not everyone will be able to see past the lack of voice acting (or barely anyone ;) ), but I hope as the series progresses most people who like the humour will just get used to it.
I MIGHT try to the whole voice acting myself, but I'm not able to do too many voices which would really limit my possibilites. Besides, in later episodes there is a character with a British accent and right now I'm not 100% capable of imitating one. ;)

What actaully happened besides the blood?

That was OK but kinda hard to follow. I didn't actually read much of dialogue because of that. Also with the subtitles, stick man's was too small and part of the creator's was in a tree. I think this would probably work better with some voice work.

I'm a voice actor and writer (with my first script 'Star Wars: The 'Special' Edition' attaining front page status)

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